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Patagonia Distribution LLC is a distributor of argentine made gourmet delicacies with products ranging from alfajores, dulce de leche, empanadas, yerba mate and more!

Meet the Empanada

Fingerfood redefined. Empanadas have been eaten in Argentina since the times of colonization. Favored by humble and noble alike, the empanada brings the family together. View product list!

Argentine empanadas available on QVC

Take this opportunity to savor one of Argentina's culinary wonders in the comfort of your own home.

New Beverages! Guarana and Malta

Antarctica Guarana It is Brazil's most popular carbonated drink. It is manufactured with natural guarana fruit extracts that give it a truly unique and refreshing flavor. Pony Malta is aNon-alcoholic

Authentic Churros

It is a food that is often taken as breakfast and snack. Most commonly serve with hot drinks such as the hot chocolate, latte, etc,. Serve as soon as possible, once heated.

Argentine Wines

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There are many different varieties of grapes cultivated in Argentina, reflecting the country's many immigrant groups. The French brought Malbec, which makes most of Argentina's best known wines. The Italians brought vines that they called Bonarda, although Argentine Bonarda appears to be the Douce noir of Savoie, also known as Charbono in California. It has nothing in common with the light fruity wines made from Bonarda Piemontese in Piedmont.[5] Torront├ęs is another typically Argentine grape and is mostly found in the provinces of La Rioja, San Juan, and Salta

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