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About Us

Patagonia Distribution is a Solution Box Group company, at the beginning it was product of a desire, but then it came to reality: bring the flavor from our lands to different places of the world.

Focused on gourmet food-products sales, Patagonia Distribution points to the quality of the raw materials, and the excelence in the process of distribution of them.

The best brands and different markets trust us, which assure an attractive portfolio of products and profitability to our clients.

From restaurants to hotel chains, supermarkets to travel cruises, small shops to big stores, take us as suppliers and advisors of new trends regarding argentine products.

With branches in Miami and Buenos Aires, Patagonia Distribution counts with the necessary structure to give the best consultant and supply service worldwide.

Our goal is to bring our country to every table. According with that, Patagonia Distribution pursuits the excelence in the service.

Is time to know each other.